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Lithium Battery Isolation Film
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The Lithium Battery Isolation Film is produced by Shanghai Enjie New Materials Technology co., LTD and Zhuhai Enjie New Materials Technology co., LTD,which mainly dedicated to providing high consistency, high safety diaphragm products.In addition to the company's existing best-selling, star products, we can also provide customized solutions for the diaphragm products.Our diaphragm experts, R&D personnel, manufacturing and quality engineers can provide professional diaphragm application guidance. With advanced management system and strict quality management awareness and system,we promise to achieve customers with our expertise and services.

Shanghai Enjie New Material Technology co., LTD. has 6 production lines with a total annual output of 300 million square meters.With the further expansion of the application range of lithium batteries, Shanghai Enjie will be further expanded. With the production line planned and built by Shanghai Enjie Zhuhai branch, the base film capacity will reach 1.3 billion square meters in 2019, becoming one of the world's largest producers of lithium battery diaphragm. At present, the thickness of our  product can be as high as 5μ to 30μ. Enjie also provides ceramic and polymer coating products of different specifications and performances to meet the different needs of customers.

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